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Looking for a President..

ASC - AGM Recap and Available Positions


We had a great turn out for our April 27th AGM.

It was nice to get together with our "regulars" as well as some new faces.

We had good discussions on grooming, trails, landowners, bridges, events, etc.

One of the main purposes of each AGM is to establish an executive for the following season.

After the meeting, this is how the club looks.


·        Executive Positions

·        President – vacant

·        Vice President – Gerry Atkin has volunteered

·        Treasurer – Max Ascenzi will remain

·        Secretary – vacant

·        Co-ordinator Positions

·        Signage (install) – Pete Hamann has volunteered

·        Signage (sign off) – Brad Shadlock has volunteered

·        Landowner Relations – Brad Shadlock has volunteered

·        Membership/Volunteers – Mike Maloney has volunteered

·        Social Events – vacant

·        Business Liaison – Brad Shadlock has volunteered

·        Trails and Equipment – Steven Barnstaple will remain

·        Grooming Operations – Steven Barnstaple will remain

·        Lake Staking Co-ordinator – Mike Maloney has volunteered

·        Communications – Mike Maloney has volunteered


While a big thank you goes out to our new volunteers, we still have some positions that need to be filled.

To be a viable club/corporation we MUST have a president, vice president, secretary and a treasurer.

These are the job descriptions of the outstanding positions.

PRESIDENT:  The president shall be responsible to call club and Executive meetings, as necessary. - Chair all Executive and Club meetings, - Be responsible for all club related provincial guidelines and programs. - Attend District meetings and others as required to represent the club. - Shall have signing authority for funds pertaining to the function of the club. - Ensure that the club meets the standards of membership to maintain the status as a club in good standing with the OFSC.  

SECRETARY:  Keep a record of all meetings - When necessary, issue notice of meetings to club members - Conduct club correspondence - Retain an official copy of club By-laws and amendments - Update the OFSC online lists of Landowners and Volunteers

Coordinator of Social Events: Responsible for coordinating club social activities and recruitment of volunteers along with the Volunteer Coordinator for each event the club sponsors.

(Keith and Sara Winterbottom have kindly offered to look after the Fish Derby)

There is no experience required for any of these positions, as you will get lots of help from the rest of the team.

Please send an email to  if you are able to help.

Thank you,


Your ASC executive



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